16 June 2022

WELCOMING OUT is a new initiative. It is born of the idea that respectful interaction and mutual appreciation of diversity means a benefit to society. ERLBURG Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH has joined the alliance of PATRONS OF WELCOMING OUT and is looking forward to supporting the initiative in the future.

 The last years have brought progress with respect to recognition of gender diversity. However, the unrestricted acceptance in professional and private life is not yet natural. It is the idea of WELCOMING OUT that people can uncover their acceptance of lgbtiq+ persons via a straightforward symbol.

The PATRONS OF WELCOMING OUT are an alliance of organisations and companies that support the idea of WELCOING OUT, commit to the according values and want to support the movement as a company. ERLBURG Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH has therefore signed the Hamburg Declaration („Hamburger Erklärung“) of PATRONS OF WELCOMING OUT. We want to set against ongoing reservations and encourage others to support the idea of WELCOMING OUT.

Join the alliance of the PATRONS OF WELCOMING OUT. Further information on the initiative are available via