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Legal Protection for Fictional Characters

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Green Branding vs. Greenwashing

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ERLBURG advises on all aspects of Intellectual Property Law. We are specialists for Trademark Law, Design Law, Unfair Competition Law as well as Copyright Law and have a strong media expertise. Besides litigation in all of these areas we focus on Brand Portfolio Management and secure as well as protect for clients national and international IP rights. We also advise on licensing and in relation to Anti-Piracy.

Our Core Areas

We advise clients in the safeguarding and defence of their Intellectual Property Rights including Copyrights on a national and international level. This comprises brand portfolio management, complex IP litigation as well as advice on licensing issues.

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Registered Designs & Novelty: Prior Instagram post may lead to cancellation

Registered Community Designs (RCD) are an extremely effective tool to defend design against copycats. However, applicants of such designs must strictly observe the novelty grace period as part of the registration process and submit the application within the 12-months period. The sporting goods manufacturer Puma recently lost a registration for a Community Designs covering shoes […]

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EU Parliament passes Greenwashing Directive

The European Parliament has passed a directive that will ban misleading advertising about environmental friendliness and sustainability. The now adopted directive against greenwashing and misleading product information (“Directive on empowering consumers for the green transition”) contains provisions in the following areas: General environmental statements such as “climate neutral”, “eco”, “natural” or “environmentally friendly” will be […]

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